About Us

Who we are?

Youth Volunteers Without Frontiers is a youth-led non-governmental organization based in Ghana.

The goal of the organization is to imbue the spirit of volunteerism in the youth as enshrined in the 2010 National Youth Policy of Ghana. We are motivated by our belief that young people are effective change makers and their energies can be harnessed and channeled into activities that promote development and therefore better living standards. This is a step towards achieving Goal One of the Millennium Development Goals and will further lead to the youth becoming patriotic and strategic agents of change with its rippling effects on the community. The target group is primarily the youth – both in-school and out-of-school. The organization was started in 2010 and was duly registered in 2011 with the National Youth Authority. It is non sectarian and non political in membership and therefore opened to all young people (between ages 14 - 35) having been accepted as members by the Management. YVWF is a member organisation of International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) and enjoys advisory services from the academia, civil society and the government sector.

Our Vision

Generations of patriotic young people who appreciate the significance of volunteerism and its contribution to national development

Our Mission

Our mission is to inculcate the spirit of volunteerism into young people and facilitate the mobilisation of resources for community development

Samaritan School

This project was organised to address one of our focal areas Accessibility of children in deprived communities to quality education.

What we do


  • To make volunteerism attractive to young people and enhancing their participation in voluntary work.
  • To ensure the mobilization of resources for community development.
  • To encourage young people to volunteer beyond their communities and facilitate cross-cultural exchanges among them.

Project Focal Areas

  • Sensitisation of the youth on petinent issues.
  • Empowerment of disadvantaged youth.
  • Child labour/streetism
  • Accessibility of children in deprived communities to quality education.
  • Disability – assurance of sustainable livelihood.


  • Organise charity events for deprived communities
  • Organise training workshops for youth activists/leaders and other stakeholders.
  • Organise outreach programmes on volunteerism.
  • Organise seminars and educational campaigns to commemorate International Volunteers Day
  • Formation of youth volunteers clubs in schools and communities
  • Host youth volunteers from other parts of the world
  • Organise sensitisation and awareness forums in schools and communities
  • Organise fund raising and resource mobilisation exercises
  • Organise voluntary activities in communities
  • Assist young people to find suitable organisations to offer voluntary services and also assist organisations to find suitable volunteers to engage.

Our Partners

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